About us

mSequent is a leading brand of CNG and LPG Sequential kits with all its components manufactured in Poland and Italy. Due to increasing demand for advanced alternative fuel systems for vehicles in response to environment issues and high running costs of vehicles, mSequent offers a complete range of systems and components for converting vehicles to LPG and CNG by following a flexible approach in response to market demands and challenges of innovation. Major car manufacturers in the world trust mSequent Sequential Kits for conversion of their vehicles to more economic and eco-friendly fuel systems. Mijo Auto Gas Pvt. Ltd. imports and markets mSequent products in the Indian sub-continent. The brand is popular among its customers for its design and structure featured on the reliability and ease of installation.


mSequent LPG/CNG Sequential Kits comprise of all the essential electronic and mechanical components which allow an easy installation of the kit without any delays. The range of mSequent products include high-quality sequential reducers/vaporizers, gas filters, Electronic Control Units, switches, valves, gauges, processors and cylinders.

mSequent CNG/LPG Sequential kits

mSequent conversion kits are suitable for all kinds of vehicles. The components offer world-class quality along with cent per cent reliability. Natural gas(CNG) or autogas(LPG) is sent from a special tank to a reducer or vaporizer where the gas pressure is regulated to convert the liquid into gaseous state. The system is suitable for both carbureted and fuel injection engines. The safety valves prevent any danger of leakages and multi-valves ensure complete safety and successful installation of the system. More and more people are opting for CNG and LPG fuel systems all over the world due to various advantages in the form of low costs, less pollution and more reliability.


The company directors have vast industry experience to lead the team of skilled technicians and personnel in various departments for maintaining strict quality standards and are dedicated towards constant upgrading of mSequent products in compliance with latest regulations in pollutant emissions.

Quality Assurance

mSequent is an approved and certified brand with many international accreditations for fulfilling all the strict industry regulations related to high-quality products, performance and safety along with safeguarding the global priority of clean environment.

Research and Development

The company’s experienced team of technicians, engineers, designers and testers work endlessly to support research and technical innovations in production of its products thus making it a leader in the field of gas conversion system. Various tests for checking the compatibility of the vehicle with the kit are performed before installation for optimum performance results.